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8-Bit Orchestra

We are an orchestra to help promote video game music as an art form. We will have at least one concert per semester in which we play music from various video games and video game series. Please read full description for information on how to join!!!

Academic Competition Club

UD's intercollegiate academic quiz team

Academic Support Program Inspiring Renaissance Educators (ASPIRE)

Through an emerging Aspiring Teacher initiative, we are working to grow our own next generation of students who will choose teacher education as a career pathway. By supporting a network of pre-college peer educators..

Academy Street Complex Community Council

Academy Street Complex Community Council

Accounting Students Association (ASA)

The mission of the Accounting Students Association is to act as liaison between students, faculty, and real world organizations, plus providing a forum for students of similar interests to learn more about the business professions.

Active Minds at UD

Active Minds is the nation's only student-based mental health advocacy program on college campuses that is dedicated to eradicating the stigma associated with mental illness.

Agreement to Participate (Liability Waiver for Physical Activity)

Members of this organization have completed the Agreement to Participate form provided by the University Student Centers. This form needs only be completed once while a matriculated undergraduate is enrolled at University of Delaware.

Agriculture College Council (AgCC)

Agriculture College Council

Alpha Delta Pi (ADPi)

Alpha Delta Pi was founded on May 15, 1851 at Wesleyan Female College in Macon, Georgia, and holds the distinction of being the first secret society for women.

Alpha Epsilon Phi (AEPhi)

Alpha Epsilon Phi was nationally founded on October 14, 1909, at Barnard College. Our founding sisters developed ideas that every sister has strived to live up to.

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